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Upon 48 acres in the Franz Valley area of Calistoga, we have three vineyards planted, for a total of seven planted acres. Lakeview Vineyard, Jake’s Creek Vineyard, and Treva’s Vineyard offer distinct wines representative of their diverse terroirs. While each vineyard has a character of its own, all three estate grown wines show the true nature of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. Each vineyard is cared for by our viticulturist, Joshua Clark, and his skilled team before their fruit is put in the talented hands of our winemaker, Thomas Brown.

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Jake's Creek Vineyard

Jake's Creek is a two and one-half acre vineyard surrounded by beautiful old, native stone...

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Lakeview Vineyard

Lakeview is our mid-block vineyard with very rocky and chalky soils. The drainage...

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Treva's Vineyard

When first tested, the results indicated the soil had excellent levels of nutrients for vineyard... 

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Sourced from the Calistoga AVA, this beautiful fruit forward Cabernet has a brightness and...

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